Resource Description
OSPI-Recommended Resources OSPI has put together a huge list of distance learning materials for parents and teachers caring for students in early learning through Grade 12 in a variety of subjects and with a variety of learning needs.
UNESCO-Recommended Resources There are many of you who will be able to adjust your schedules and work from home. And maybe you don’t want your children to fall too far behind. Recently the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has provided information for you outlining where you can get help with distance learning.
Living List of Free Education Subscriptions Companies across the country are offering free subscriptions to their online learning platforms which are compiled (and continue to be compiled) in this Google document.
Scholastic Guided Learning Scholastic has published a few weeks of activities projects and guided learning for kids at home due to the coronavirus.
PBS LearningMedia PBS has put together free standards-aligned lessons for kids in K-12 to assist parents and educators looking to keep minds active during closures. It also has a Spanish language collection.
Impact Public Schools Impact has made six weeks of at-home learning packets publicly available for children in Kindergarten; 1st Grade; and 2nd Grade.
Intelligent Education Intelligent Education provides more than 30 pre-made courses taught by expert & credentialed educators for use either as primary or supplemental education. These courses are aimed at high schoolers and up. Topics range from biology to history to the arts and even to AP calculus. All are a full eight-week course but can be viewed as individual lessons.
Educating All Learners Alliance The Educating All Learners Alliance (EALA) is a coalition of organizations committed to resource sharing and community-building that supports the efforts of the education community to meet the needs of students with disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Explore their resource library to access tools and supports to assist learning among students with various learning needs.


Resource Description
Facing History & Ourselves Facing History has a variety of online lessons teaching ideas projects unit plans and other resources to help teachers and parents keep their children engaged in history & current events.
Common Lit Common lit is a resource for English Language Arts lesson materials but it also has printable texts to practice reading in social studies and science fields. You can create a free account and access their library as a parents student or educator.


Resource Description
Zearn Math Zearn is a free resource to keep children of all grade levels actively practicing and learning math and you can access lesson plans created by their curriculum team by making an account.
Science Tots Science tots is offering online programs and activities for children ages 3-8.
Illustrative Mathematics Illustrative publishes free tasks and resources that are well-aligned to content and practice standards for students of all grade levels.
Khan Academy Khan Academy is another strong math resource for parents and educators to use during this time and it's offering free account sign-ups during school closures.