Success After Graduation

We must prepare all Washington state students for the 21st century job market.

By 2018, two-thirds of jobs in Washington will require either a technical certificate or a two-year or four-year degree.1 But right now only 64%2 of Washington students even start the process of getting a degree. And those who do go on to further education often find that high school did not prepare them for the rigors of college.

Currently, more than one-third of Washington high school graduates need pre-college remediation courses to fill in knowledge and credit gaps. As the
cost of college continues to increase, the added expense and time required
to take pre-college remediation is a significant barrier to student success and program completion. We must do more to help students access high-quality postsecondary programs so that they are prepared to meet the requirements
of Washington’s demanding job market.

A way forward
  • Protect funding for College Bound program scholarships and state-funded work study programs.
  • Increase Career and Technical Education and options to earn college credit in high school.
  • Improve data systems to track the academic intent of students in community and technical colleges.
  • Increase available academic counseling in community and technical colleges.
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Reforming Programs to Meet Student Needs

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